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Jeganee Technologies is the name you can trust that redefines the Software solution approach to an Opportunity. Yes we Meditate Business Objective as Swasthik Ohm Enchantment & Our Techie yogis abides that which goes as a habit, as rightly said Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
Our Purpose is Clear, We know our job is to simplify your life and we know how best to deliver it. Jeganee Technologies is an IT enabler that adeptly combines insightful domain knowledge in the fields of Enterprise Computing, Software development & Implementation. We strongly believe in introducing the best practices to our clients and help them benefit from our knowledge in the implementation of ERP & CRM and other enterprise solutions.


We provide complete solution for finance management system.
Our team of product managers, engineers and technologists work collectively with businesses to develop successful software products and unified customer experiences. Whatever is your need, we can help you build it.
We provide Mobile App Development Services for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Operating Systems.
Jeganee Technologies Application Re-engineering & Modernization services help modernize legacy systems to enhance flexibility, mitigate risk, minimize disruption and lower costs.
The Test Management process involves planning and monitoring the software test effort. In the planning stage we definine the activities on which the effort needs to be spent economically to discover as many defects as soon as possible. Monitoring involves measuring the progress of the activities and effectiveness of the effort spent.

Work process

A work process document acts as a guide that all employees and managers can reference to ensure that agreement and understanding. It can also serve as the baseline for training documents to prepare new workers for that process. Whether you're writing for your own organization, or preparing a work process document as a professional writer, the process remains the same.

1. Discuss

2. Make

3. Product

Why Choose Us?

We're Creative

We are creative, yes really, and we thrive on presenting unique and rewarding concepts to compete against your competition in an ever-changing world.

We're Punctual

We have a very professional approach and believe in delivering what we commit and commit what we can. Also, every commitment of ours would come with a defined time commitment which we would honor without delay.

We're responsible

Once delivered, it doesn't stop there. We analyse, compare, critique and continue to work with our clients to achieve ongoing digital excellence.

What people say?

Attention to detail has been great and I appreciate the one on one assistance you have provided

Director of a Coupon and Magazine based company

What people say?

The experience with Jeganee Technologies has been excellent and will strongly recommend their solutions to any Educational institute for their exceptional quality and intuitive support

Chairman of an Educational Trust

What people say?

Jeganee analyzed our requirements and provided an appropriate system to meet our business needs. I am highly satisfied with their approach and like to appreciate their commitment in finishing the challenging project in short deadline

Executive Director of a Financial Institute

What people say?

Jeganee Technologies has admirable informative skills in translating our business needs into reality software. I would recommend their products and services to any business and I will continue to utilize their services as a first source for all my software needs

Proprietor of a Retail unit