Software Product Development

Software Product Development

Our Priorities will always revolve around Client - centric focus,high quality standards and proven methodologies which have ensured consistent and customer satisfaction. Our team of product managers, engineers and technologists work collectively with businesses to develop successful software products and unified customer experiences. Whatever is your need, we can help you build it. We ask questions. We find solutions. We combine strategy and engineering to identify benchmarks to measure success. We don’t build anything that your business doesn’t need. Because if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter. With new market demands and ever-increasing product complexity, product development requires a tight alignment among engineering disciplines to ensure a quality final product. However, the broader the collaboration circle, the more difficult and error prone the data sharing and process coordination can be. Protecting sensitive product information becomes a very real challenge. Jeganee Technologies Product Development solution can help manufacturers simplify the complexities of global product development. Unlike other approaches that operate disconnected systems our solution offers a single, globally accessible repository that securely captures and manages product data while synchronizing development activities that span organizations and boundaries. Companies can now develop new products and new ideas globally, while taking full advantage of local talent to meet local market requirements.

Software Product Enhancement

As your software products mature in the market, the need for further continuous innovation becomes imminent. The product after being sold to the customer needs to be supported, maintained and enhanced further so that it can fulfill changing business needs of your customers and enhance your market share. With changing markets and changing business models, the product needs to stay nimble to maintain and improve its competitive edge. Ensuring that your IT solutions remain flexible is a key component of the product management strategy. Since existing application’s feature enhancement is also a main business activity, ISVs find themselves in a situation wherein they have to channel a major chunk of their time in continuously planning, architecting and building application enhancements for their products. Jeganee Technologies fits seamlessly in such a scenario by complementing the innovation process by rapid implementation and product feature enhancement services. For ISVs the direct benefits of partnering with Jeganee Technologies in this phase are

  • Become market driven rather than production driven
  • Quick response time and time-to-market efficiencies
  • De-risking the production process by ramping up (or down) capacities without overheads
  • ISVs are ahead of their clients due to delivery efficiencies. This means greater customer loyalty

Software Product Migration

Jeganee Technologies have proven expertise in migration services which gives the product companies the luxury to work on core product development activities rather than on multiple platform compatibility. With our immense knowledge and experience of technology components, software tools, application integration techniques, and multi-platform environments, we create optimal business applications that meet your business and technology needs.Since we have a transparent project management, Product Migration and change management approach that is centred on proactive communication with clients to ensure that our solutions delivery teams have a consistent understanding of your requirements changing at all the times. Jeganee Technologies helps you keep pace with the technological innovations through seamless step-by-step migration services from research, planning, data preparation, conversion, testing, to implementation. To accomplish this, the current constraints and limitations are comprehended and the product is refurbished to be more scalable in the future.

Our Capabilities in product migration includes:

  • Release a product on the latest frameworks such as .Net to J2EE or J2EE to .Net.
  • Migrate to a Windows based product from a Java platform or vice versa.
  • Re-architect a product to suit different client needs whether a large enterprise or small size business.
  • Migrate to n-tier architecture from conventional two-tier architecture.
  • Use AJAX based development, Web 2.0 concept and features to make an application more interactive.
  • Make the transition from a standalone product to a hosted service model, enabling Software as a Service (SAAS).
  • Benefit from Smart Client based development delivered over the web like a rich web application.
  • Utilize globalization and localization of a product.