RecruitOnTime Features - User

UsRecruitOnTime can:

  • Vacancy request
  • Approve vacancy request
  • Assigning Vacancy Creation
  • Create and update vacancies
  • Approve vacancies
  • Post job details
  • Perform detailed searches
  • Process prospects: Consider, Pursue, Refer or Reject
  • Progress applicants
  • Send notification to applicants & other UsRecruitOnTime
  • Analyse recruitment process

RecruitOnTime Features - User Site Visitors

Site visitors can:

  • Search and view jobs online
  • Create a temporary job basket
  • Assigning Vacancy Creation
  • Bookmark job detail pages
  • Become registered usRecruitOnTime

RecruitOnTime Features – Registered UsRecruitOnTime

Registered usRecruitOnTime can:

  • Create resumes online
  • Upload all supporting documents
  • Create pRecruitOnTimeonal accounts
  • Search for jobs
  • Add jobs to the permanent job basket
  • Apply for multiple jobs
  • Receive notifications
  • Update pRecruitOnTimeonal details

Approvals in RecruitOnTime

Registered usRecruitOnTime can:

  • Whenever a User request, creates or modifies a vacancy or shortlisting , RecruitOnTime checks to see if an approval is required for the transaction.
  • RecruitOnTime sends notifications to whoever is required to approve the transaction.