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Test automation is using software to test the functionality of an application against the user requirements to find issues. There are a lot of testing tools available on the market to test applications. And there are several methodologies available to implement test automation. Jeganee is one of the Automation testing providers in Chennai, our aims at improving automation efficiency, and enabling the transformation from implementing test automation to an enterprise-wide automation approach. We do this by deploying standardized automation processes, and supporting it with a knowledge repository and tooling strategy catering to all portfolios. We primarily aim at Improving the time-to-market by enabling the reuse of assets across the test development life cycle and implementing best practices. This provides huge cost savings by maximizing automation, optimizing tools and resources, and deploying the latest industry trends.

Our Automation Services

  • Test Automation Assessment of Process/Framework/Scripts.
  • Test Data management issues in automation testing.
  • Middleware and SOA Testing challenges.
  • Test Automation Tools evaluation and best-fit.
  • Feasibility study, POC and deployment of In-House assets.

Jeganee Best Practices

  • Know our customer objective.
  • Select the appropriate technique/s , tools for the project.
  • Recommend the best solutions / approach customer benefits with ROI.
  • Establish customer management commitment.
  • Use the correct tool expertise with domain proficiency.
  • Manage the automation with a proper framework and process.
  • Review and improve the implementation process consistently.

Value to Customer

  • Preparation of Reusable Automated Test Script
  • Reduced effort through reuse of common frameworks, template and data repository
  • Preparation of centralised knowledge repository
  • Increased test repeatability
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Educate the customer staff
  • Provide detailed Automation ROI , Coverage Metrics to Management

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