Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO, is a strategic process used to improve a web-site or Web page's visibility in search engines organic placement, especially on

Jeganee search engine optimization services are unique to the industry with verifiable results. Our SEO team has a track record of improving the authority of a website with strategic on- and offsite Google marketing techniques. Engaging content is pivotal and our experts can spread your unique online voice across your blog, website pages, social media platforms and so much more. With over 25 full time SEO and digital marketing experts in India, Jeganee has positioned itself as the global leader in the search engine optimization industry.

SEO Process and Improved Google Rankings

Improving natural results on search engines is done through a process that encompasses both on and off site strategies as well as social engagement. While SEO is an ever evolving professional practice, there are many foundational or traditional elements at its core.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is critical to drive higher traffic. It involves addressing SEO elements including Meta Tag, Alt Tags and Website Architecture.

 Great Content

  • Content designed for users
  • Frequent & engaging
  • Content created from keyword & user research

  • Legible Links & URLs
  • Breadcrumbs & indexing of website
  • Viewable by Google as viewed by users

  • Engaging User experience & Fast website
  • Meta tags to explain what the content is (non text content too)
Off Page SEO

Given the importance of inbound links in acquiring traffic, we work on your Off-page SEO, to build links from high quality sources which is an excellent and viable long-term strategy.

Customized SEO Campaigns

Our comprehensive SEO campaigns involve a systematic approach to creating a significant online presence. Our typical "best practices" campaigns provide a detailed process to achieve high natural search rankings. Each website is different and no one SEO strategy can achieve success for every unique situation. Jeganee tailors each SEO campaign to meet the needs of your website and your goals.

We focus our efforts around the following core principles

  • An ethical approach to Search Engine Optimization
  • A proper site structure that is conducive to search engine indexing
  • Strong, relevant content that is frequently updated and enhanced
  • A comprehensive and targeted link building campaign

If you are interested in working with an SEO company that has a proven track record of success and can deliver your business a substantial return on investment, then Jeganee is the right choice.