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The mobile application development arena requires agility, extensive experience and knowledge in current technological trends.

Jeganee venture to ensure that our clients keep a competitive edge by leveraging in QA & TcoE for mobile testing. This ensures ideal end-user experiences are delivered to the consumer across different devices with different screen sizes, resolutions, operating systems and carriers.


Mobile Testing
  • Compatibility Testing & GUI Testing for various mobile environments & applications complexities.
  • Architecting test automation frameworks and test harnesses.
  • Programming of test harnesses and test scripts.
  • Development of test strategies, test plans, test cases.
Real Devices

Test your mobile app on actual devices under true real-life conditions, when it comes to mobile app testing, emulators and simulators simply won't cut it. Not to mention your users won't be running a clean testing environment. Their device will be cluttered with other apps, limited memory, changing connectivity and other real world factors that emulators don't take into account. With access to devices around the world representing the gamut of real-world hardware/software combinations, jeganee can help you make sure your app works correctly on real devices, being used by real people.

Mobile Test Automation

The pinnacle of mobile QA is automated real device testing. There are several services that offer this and some significant pitfalls in using them. Jeganee can help steer your development group through these and provide insights into selecting and using some of the new automation tools that are now becoming available. With the increase of smart phones and tablets for work and consumer usage, testing software applications across mobile platforms have become indispensable. We use a range of tools and methods to provide comprehensive quality test solutions.

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