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Functional Testing Strategy

Functional Testing Strategy would be adopted to ensure that the various phases of testing cover the business requirements to a level which is deemed to be successful and fit to be promoted into production environment.

  • Signed off BRDs / FSDs would be referred by the testing team to come up with test plan, test cases and test scripts.
  • Entry and exit criteria meetings would be conducted and minutes would be distributed to the project team at each phase of testing.
  • Risk based testing approach would be used for this project and all the test cases would be rated against requirement criticality. This would then be used as a guide to decide what must be tested first and what may be omitted in case of time crunch.
  • Traceability matrix would be used to map the test scenarios/cases against the functional business requirements.
  • Outage register would be maintained during the entire testing phase to track the testing downtime due to environment unavailability, delay in build deployment etc.
  • Test execution would be performed from both onsite and offshore with co-ordination being performed by the Test Lead from onsite.
  • Defect review meetings would be conducted to discuss the outstanding defects.
  • Handover-takeover of defects would happen between the test team leader and the offshore team on a daily basis.

Best Practice

  • Effective knowledge sharing processes for team ramp up for each project
  • TCoE team is involved in requirements gathering and discussions
  • Knowledge retention (Core team per application is in place)
  • Improved project management and estimation processes exist
  • Better documentation for each application (Induction Manuals)
  • Higher productivity of team members during test execution with the use of quality center tools and templates
  • Use of a defect report template and defect metrics for effective defect containment
  • Weekly and daily status reports for monitoring project activities
  • Test data is created using boundary value analysis


  • Better understanding of requirements and testing
  • Avoids re-work
  • Testing efficiency will be improved
  • Maintain traceability between requirements, test cases and defects

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