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Jeganee HRMS

JeganeeHRMS is an all-inclusive suite of technology and solution designed for automating HR operations and reducing manual processes. It provides human resources management solution to optimize HR Operations such as payroll, benefits, leave and legal significantly reducing administrative workload for the company to shift its focus to more strategic initiatives. As a result, the company could maximize the return on investment in talent management by achieving HR operations excellence and empowering more insightful decision.
Our products effectively cover all the aspects of HR, right from recruitment to retirement (R- R). You can choose any required module for time being and can upgrade or update the other features as and when required as all the functions are built on plug and play model. It is available as the traditional On Premise software and also on cost effective SaaS model. t is effective and prudent way to experience the best without paying the actual product cost upfront by paying as you go.